Beef Oxtail Cut (500g) Frozen 牛尾切
Country Of Origin: Brazil Keep Frozen at -18°C Gross Weight: 500g
Chicken Nuggets - FreezePak (1kg)
FreezePak Chicken Nuggets (1kg)Country of Origin: Thailand Weight: 1kgFry in the hot oil over medium heat 10-12 minutes, turning over after 5-6 minutes.
Fried Chicken Feet 炸鸡爪
Chicken feet may not offer much meat to speak of, but when they're deep-fried, they make up for it in crunchy texture and chicken flavor. Simmering them first in a water bath with simple flavorings—garlic, soy sauce, sugar, and cinnamon...
Fully Cooked Chicken Crispy Stick (1kg) Frozen, Halal
Frozen Fully Cooked Crispy Chicken Stick 脆皮鸡棒 was process with fresh and premium ingredients. These flavored and battered chicken sticks makes the perfect finger snack during a party!Country Of Origin : ThailandKeep Frozen at -18°C Net Weight: 1kgAllergen Advice: Contain...
Lamb Chop - Australia Frozen 500g 澳洲羊扒
Lamb not only is it a rich source of high-quality protein, but it is also an outstanding source of many vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Because of this, regular consumption of lamb may promote muscle growth,...
Smoked Duck Breast - 180~200g/packet 烟熏鸭胸
Gently Smoked Duck Breasts have a rich smokey flavor that highlights the duck's natural goodness, creating a perfect dish for nice dinners.Country Of Origin: JapanKeep Frozen at -18°C Gross Weight: 180-200g
Beef Meat Ball (1kg) Frozen 牛肉丸
Beefball / Beef Balls processed from finest quality beef with firm and tender texture. Taste is savory with fragrance of beef. Ideal for beef noodles and hotpot. Product of Singapore 新加坡制造 Weight: 1kg per pack 每包1公斤 Shelf Life: Consume within...
Chicken Picnic Ham Slice 1~1.1KG Pack
Chicken Picnic Ham Slice 鸡肉野餐火腿片 Weight: 1~1.1KG Country of Origin: Singapore 
Pork Cube 500g Frozen 冷冻猪肉块
Pork prefectly cut into standard size and is boneless & lean which are suitable to add into your daily dishes.Marinated and fry it or add into your soup or simply steam.Country Of Origin :Brazil Keep Frozen at -18°C Gross Weight:...
Pork Picnic Ham Slice (1~1.1kg)
Pork Picnic Ham Slice 猪肉野餐火腿片 Weight: 1~1.1kg  Country of Origin: Singapore  There is a various way of preparing this premium Ham. It can be used for sandwich, pan-fried for breakfast and also for making salads.
Japanese Arabiki Sausage
“Arabiki” is a Japanese word meaning “coarsely ground”. Our signature Arabiki sausages are juicy, succulent with slightly sweet and mild smoky flavour.  Weight : 1-1.3kg
Fully Cooked Chicken Middle Wing Spicy Crispy (1kg) Frozen, Halal
Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken Middle Wing Spicy Crispy Type 香辣鸡中翅  Halal Product Weight: 1KG Country of Origin: Thailand Breaded with tender meat on the inside, our crispy spicy middle wing is seasoned with spicy sauce. It is a favourite treats for all occassions. Best...
Chicken Katsudon (1kg) Frozen 炸鸡扒
Katsudon is a popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried chicken cutlet, egg, vegetables, and condiments.  Katsudon are commonly sold as a frozen product for home use.Country Of Origin : Japan, Packed in Thailand Keep Frozen...
Pork Streaky Bacon 1kg 培根肉切片
Country Of Origin: GermanyBrand: TulipKeep Frozen at -4 aboveGross Weight: 1 kgA smoked, uncooked bacon is cured with a smoking process, which also imbues the meat with a rich, smoky flavor. Although smoking helps cure the meat, it doesn't cook...
Pork Trotter - Frozen 700-800g 猪前蹄
Pork Trotters are rich in collagen and have a lower fat content than fat. It can prevent dry skin wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity and toughness. It is popular for braising and also can be deep fried.Country Of Origin:GermanyKeep Frozen at...
Pork Knuckle 猪圆蹄
Pork hock or knuckle is a very inexpensive and tough piece of meat that is loaded with connective tissue, ligaments and muscle fibers. When cooked low and slow, however, it yields fork-tender meat and a very flavorful broth that is...
Pork Chop - Frozen 猪排
Country Of Origin BrazilKeep Frozen at -18°C Gross Weight: 900gm to 1 kg
Pork Meat Balls (1kg) Frozen
Porkball / Pork Meat Balls Frozen 猪肉丸 Weight: 1KG Country of Origin: Singapore Pork balls are commonly add in with wanton noodles and other fish ball noodles. Pork balls are also a popular ingredient for hot pot dishes. Shelf Life: Consume...
Chicken Ball (1kg) Frozen 鸡肉丸
Chicken balls are commonly add in with wanton noodles and other fish ball noodles. Chicken balls are also a popular ingredient for hot pot dishes. Product of Singapore 新加坡制造 Weight: 1kg per pack 每包1公斤 Shelf Life: Consume within 3 months after...
Japanese Super Crispy Chicken (1kg) Frozen
Tay's Japanese Super Crispy Chicken (1kg) Frozen 香脆日本鸡块 Country Of Origin: Japan, Packed in Thailand Weight: 1kg Keep Frozen at -18°C While sourcing for new flavors, we thought to ourselves what if a karaage was not just smooth or had sauce coating? We...
Japanese Gyoza Chicken & Vegetable 600g 鸡肉蔬菜饺子
Weight: 600g Gyoza is a very popular dish in Japan. It is like a crescent shaped ravioli, stuffed with chicken and a vegetable mix.
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New Zealand Prime Sirloin Steak (2pcs)
Sirloin comes from along the cow's back where the muscles are used less, resulting in tender and lean cuts that favor marinades and/or quick cooking methods.
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Taiwanese Pork Sausage 台湾香肠
Weight: 276g Country of Origin: Taiwan
Popcorn Chicken - Freezepak (1kg) Frozen Halal
Crunchy Crispy Chicken Bites with a hint of Paprika. Halal 香辣爆米鸡块 Net Weight: 1kg Country Of Origin: Thailand Storage Guidelines: Keep frozen at -18 degrees celsius Cooking & Preparation: Pan Fry, Deep Fry
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